STRIKE ALERT: Never pay advance fee to release loan!

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Not only, but especially if you’re negative, it’s just what you’ll find out there.

This scam is super common and we get the same question EVERY DAY:

  • Is company X reliable?

And the answer is: there’s no way of knowing by name, fraudsters create fake business every day. But it’s super easy not to fall for this scam: just make no advance deposits. And that’s it, it’s over.

I will enjoy and answer some questions:


How does the scam work?

scam work

You are desperate for a loan, denied by several banks, and find a site that promises low rates, long terms, do not consult SPC / Seresa, send you message by whatsapp, facebook…

For those who are negative, you think you have found the solution. Well, you found a blow.

You ask for a loan, the fraudster says he approved you, but to release the money in your account he asks you to deposit a small amount into an account .

When you say you will not deposit, he threatens you by saying that he will put his name in the notary’s office, or worse. Don’t worry about it, just ignore it, turn it off, block it.


What do fraudsters ask for?


They try several convincing names. The main reasons they ask are to hire a guarantor, a guarantor, or pay a notary fee. Some other names they use are:

  • Warranty
  • credit opening fee
  • security deposit
  • rate to increase score

Only it’s ALL LIES.

Some of these names really exist in reliable loans. But under no circumstances should an advance payment be requested: it does not exist, it is illegal. Fees, insurance and the like are always embedded in the total cost of the loan.

Along the way, to look reliable, he still asks you for various documents, sends huge registration forms with official logos and coats of arms, watermarks… But it’s all a lie. He will use your need to extort you.

Anyway: Never pay any upfront fees if someone promises you a loan. There is no such thing as paying notary fee or advance insurance if you apply for a loan.


After all, what is a Guarantor?

After all, what is a Guarantor?

The guarantor is the one who guarantees the payment of the financing if the debtor does not pay – that is, defaults. It is most common in financing (real estate, vehicle or student) and rents.

It has subsidiary liability to the debtor. That is, it is only triggered to repay the debt after the debtor has already been charged. In addition, he is usually responsible for paying the entire transaction, including interest.

This operation requires a separate contract, which identifies the parties (creditor, debtor and guarantor) and the object of the contract (in this case, the financing). Also, the signature of the guarantor’s spouse is required.


What is the true meaning of guarantor?

money loan

The guarantor is the guarantor of the debt if the debtor does not pay. It is common in microcredit, where groups of 3 to 5 microentrepreneurs are jointly and severally responsible for the loan.

The guarantor has joint liability for the debtor. That is, it is triggered to pay the debt to the debtor, the collection reaches the guarantor very quickly.

The guarantee is described in the credit title itself, so that there is no separate contract.


There is no such thing as paying guarantor or guarantor to release loan!

money loan

In any case, there is no such thing as paying guarantor or professional guarantor! The guarantor or guarantor is someone who knows you and agrees to share the risk with you. Paying a guarantor or guarantor to release loan is certainly a scam.

By the way, once again: any advance deposit to release loan is scam.


It was over, I fell for the blow. What do I do now?

money loan

  1. Denounces at the police station, taking all possible data. So you collaborate with investigations to dismantle these gangs.
  2. Report the site to Google (here at this link).
  3. Comment on our blog’s cheat list.
  4. Share this post here on your networks. Is it our propaganda? It is, and it is very important, it has to advertise itself. If you fell for it, a friend of yours also has a good chance of falling. Don’t let them fall: information is the best weapon to prevent it.


Will I be able to recover the money?

Will I be able to recover the money?

No. You have been robbed by a virtual gang, it is impossible to simply ask for the money back, this is a police case. That’s why it’s so important that you report it.


Is there a way to get a loan for negatives that is really reliable?


Probably not , it is very difficult for negatives to borrow, and that is the reality. But if you can, it should be within some of the options I mentioned in the previous chapter (click here if you haven’t seen it yet).

Basically, if you have a homeowner, you can get a secured home loan at very low rates and starting at $ 30,000. This one is worth it.

But virtually no homeowners have real estate to pledge, so what’s left will be low-value loans and high interest rates. Not recommended except in case of emergency. And there is no certainty that you will be approved.