Travel Loan: Here’s How To Make One

Nowadays, travel has become, increasingly, a consumer dream of Brazilians. According to a study by the Ministry of Tourism , 60 million Brazilians travel around the country, and another 70 million are preparing to join this statistic. Is that you? Already part of or trying to join this number? Well know that there are already several loan offers to travel in the market. To learn more about this subject, follow me on reading this article.


Travel is necessary

vacation loan

After a year of working, travel is a necessity. In this way it is possible to rest the body and the mind. And mental rest is the most important thing to “recharge your batteries” and face another cycle of a year’s work. If you have been vacationing for over a year, the need is even more urgent. But the biggest problem may be the cost of travel, right? After all, travel is not cheap at all. If the destination is out of the country, it complicated even more, as the dollar and the euro are much more expensive than the real. And many destinations, even in Latin America, are sold based on the dollar.

If you want to travel and don’t have the money for it right now, of course the best alternative is to plan for money to travel in the future. But there may be a reason that conditions the trip for now. It can be an opportunity abroad, time availability, a celebration after graduation, anyway.

Whatever the reason, be aware that there are already a number of travel loan offers available at both major banks and other financial institutions.


How much do you need?


Before applying for the loan, it is crucial to keep in mind how much your trip will cost. You need to consider a number of factors:

  • Tickets
  • accommodation
  • food
  • Travel insurance
  • Transportation (public transportation in the city where you will be staying or car and fuel rental)
  • Souvenirs
  • General Purchases

Be realistic when doing your calculation. After all, you don’t want your trip to become a choke, right?

Another important point is to know how much money you will have to offer on the loan entry. This is because most banks only cover a percentage of the amount requested.

To know how much you will spend, another step is to make travel budgets. You will need to present the budget, depending on the bank to borrow.

To know how much you will spend, another step is to make travel budgets.


Make simulations

Make simulations

Now that you know how much to borrow, simulate the loan and know how much you will pay back. In many cases, it is possible to do the simulation over the internet without compromise.

Keep in mind how much you can pay per month per installment, and be careful not to hire more than you can afford.

As mentioned earlier, some banks only cover part of the amount required to pay for the trip. So be financially prepared to shoulder the rest.

Remember that when you make a loan, you will pay taxes and other fees besides interest. And the amount can vary greatly depending on the financial institution.

The loan of R $ 10,000 in 36 times, for example, can generate installments from R $ 592.00 (Sanbuan) to R $ 697.00 (Comsesco). Among the major banks, some of those that already offer this type of credit are:

  • Sanbuan
  • Comsesco
  • Supersave Brazil
  • Quest Federal Savers
  • Itayu

It is also important to say that the condition for approval and the amount to be paid for the loan depends on some variables, such as registration analysis, credit analysis and score (rating based on your profile).


How to save on travel

How to save on travel

Once you have made your trip, start planning your next trip in advance to pay less and not have to borrow.

The ideal time to buy airline tickets, for example, is 10 months before the desired date.

For lodging, it is possible to get more advantageous prices in hostels or renting houses by season.

For food, prepare your meals whenever possible. There are also restaurants that offer discount coupons in certain countries.

Learn how to use public transportation at the place you are visiting. Most of the time, it comes out cheaper than car rental. In some locations, it is still possible to rent bicycles to get around.

Have a financial reserve for the next trip. So you don’t have to pay interest and, best of all, you will travel with everything already paid, without worrying about debt when you return.


Travel loan

Travel loan

Now that you know the travel loan, search, plan, choose the best option for your pocket and have a great trip!

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